Monday, February 28, 2011

English Competition Days 2011

English Competition Days (ECD) is an annual event held by English Department of SWCU, Salatiga. Every year, many senior high schools send their students to compete. ECD is aimed to improve students' interest and skill speaking English. The competitions are E-writing (used to), Drama, Story Telling, Debate, News Casting, and the newest one is Speech.
In E-writing, students are asked to make a paper about a decided theme and send it via internet. The judges will read the papers and choose some finalists to present the paper.
Students should be creative in writing script, exploring characters, making the setting and costume, and many more for drama competition and story telling. The difference is students will work as a group in drama, and individually in story telling.
Debating means think critically. Here students are competing to win every debate and sharpening their critical thinking towards some motions.
News Casting requires the students to know about the recent news and try to deliver the news to the audience.
The newest one, speech, will be delivered individually for sure. Each student will deliver a speech based on the topic which is chosen in prior. Here, the students will have different unique ways in delivering speech. "Speech is an art," said one of Speech ECD 2011 judges.

This year ECD (26-27 February 2011) was different. It was the first time a vocational high school joined ECD. The first vocational school which is brave enough to compete is PIKA College, Semarang.
Competing with many Senior high Schools, they tried to get experiences from ECD. They joined Debate, Drama, and Speech.
In debate, they fought against a swing team for the 1st preliminary round. Loyola College Semarang and Karangturi Semarang were the 2nd and 3rd rivals. Although they didn't win it, they could learn about the real debating. They found that they need to have more regular practices also.
PIKA College students were creative in preparing the drama. They performed a fairy tale entitled "Painokio". The story was about Pinokio, but the settings, names and costumes were adapting Indonesia culture, especially Java. Painokio wore the mascot costume of PIKA College which is called Mokojin.
One student represented PIKA College in Speech. The judge said that the content was very unique. No one would think about that before.
Since PIKA College was a brand new participant, they didn't win any prize this year. However, the students' spirit shows that they will come back to fight again next year.

Here are names of participants from PIKA College:
Mentor: Dian Arie Wibowo
Team: Ignatius Dhimas Endaryanto, Ricky Kurniawan, Audly R.
Substitution: Martin sena

Ling, Michael Wijaya

Coordinator: Leonardo Dwi S.
Sound and Effect Coordinator: Ivan S Kusuma
Raymond Permata A as Painokio
Michael Surya as Gito (Paino's dad)
Yeremia as Guardian fairy
Nuradi as Puppet Master
Leonardo Dwi S as Circus Master
Kris Ragil as Robber
Aaron Aristo A as Bad Boy


  1. it was very great experience for me,,,, hahahahahaha

    so to students of PIKA College, come on!!!!!!! join ECD next year!!!!!!
    you will get the best moment.,.,

    PIKA horok-horok yez..

    Do the best get the best!!!!!!!!!

    from painokio a handsome boy.,.


  2. Keep fighting English team
    we will support you^^
    Good luck 4 the next competition all^^
    you great at all :)

  3. We did it and we will do much better next year...


  4. actually i'm not the substitution...i'm the jobless man!!
    you know who i am...hohoho...

  5. You were not a jobless man...
    You were the observer and you'll be the next team member, even the mentor..

    be ready for next competition..:)

  6. oh yes.. i am the mentor assistant..hehe

  7. next year you're absolutely the mentor..