Monday, February 28, 2011

What Should I do then?

Guys, I need your help. I got a letter yesterday, and I need to reply it a.s.a.p (as soon as possible). Can you help me how to reply that letter? I need your suggestion for my friend's problem.
Here is a part of the letter:

I need your help badly. I'm confused of my future. As you know, I'm studying in a private vocational school and this is my last year.
My parents want me to get a job after graduating, but I don't know what job is appropriate for me. Well, I'm studying in a woodworking vocational school.
However, I don't want to work. I want to continue my study. My uncle agrees with me. He said that he will help me by funding a half of my college fee later. But he chooses Psychology Faculty for me and I'm not interested in it at all.
I want to study about International Business. I know that it'll be very useful for me. But the fee is very expensive. Moreover, my dream is I can get my bachelor degree in Singapore or Malaysia. But you know, it'll spend lots of money. My parents can't afford it, neither can I.
Can you help me to decide what I should do?
And what is your reason giving me that suggestion?
Thanks a bunch for your help.


  1. Please use:
    "I suggest you to ..."
    "I recommend you to..."
    "You should ..."
    "Why don't you ..."
    "If I were you, I would ..."
    in the beginning of the suggestion.
    And explain your suggestion for at least 5 sentences.

  2. I suggest you to pray to god to get blessing first after that you can reject your uncle idea and then you must get a job or working in the woodworking company first and you must save your money, after your money is enough to study in Singapore or Malaysia you can work out from your company and then you can continue your study to get your bachelor degree in your interested university.

  3. I suggest you to live it all first.You keep studying in a woodworking vocational school, as a parents you want. But, after you graduate from woodworking vocational school you say to your parents, if you do not want to work first. And you want to continue school because it was funded by your uncle.After that, you make sure your uncle if you wants to study about International Business in Singapore or Malaysia. And even if you change your mind later, you've got special skills to work when you did not continue school until bachelor degree.


  4. I SUGGEST YOU TO work first, and then you can fund your lecture. i know if you don't want to work, but if you want to get a money, you must work. you can ask your friend about jobs, maybe some factory need you.

    Or...... you can negotiate with your uncle about the money. your uncle agree if you want to continue your school, so maybe you can negotiate with your uncle

    The other suggestion is....... you can borrow money from bank. because bank can giving the best solution (maybe) about money.

    Don't forgot to pray every night^^
    because God allways can help you
    Keep Fighting
    Aaron Aristo/1119/2A

  5. i suggest you to you can work in advance to get some money. and some of the money you earn you can save for you during the lecture later. and with this you can also find out how to live independently and how hard your parents to find money for you. or you can be my second suggestion college while working to finance your collage future. for me you can definitely choose the best path for your life then it will not ever give up in order to achieve your goals.

    Bayu agestian sugiarto / 1107

  6. I suggest you to have a part work until you have some money to funding your favorite college do you want. I suggest it because you can have some experince from your part time work and later you can do your college activity very well because you have some experince wich don't have your college friends. So you can funding your your college by yourself and your dream to get brachelor degree in the Singapore or Malaysia can be reached. And if you do it your parents can be happy because you don't depend to them and you can proud your self to your friends because you fund your college costs by your self. And after that you accustomed to do you activity by yourself, so you can be a people who more independent.
    lukas dito/1114

  7. I suggest you to work first......
    If you have enough money, you can go to college to the majors that you wish.....
    You also can go to college while working, so you can ease the burden on your parents......


  8. I suggest you to first, follow the scholarship program so you can go there and you can shool at singapore or malaysia which you want and the second, you can borrow money from banks and then you can return the money to the bank after you graduate and work. third, you can borrow some money to your uncle by agreement you will return the money after you work, surely your uncle will lend the money. fourth you can study with learning by doing.
    if you believe you can do it...

    Yehova Dyyu Dusevember
    Angkatan 38

  9. i suggest you to work first before you continue your study. you can work as a supervisor, drafter and etc. because with work first, you can get experience from it. other that, you can get some money for your salary if you work and you can save some money from your salary in the bank. you can use that money for continue study. in other side, you aren't interested in Psychology Faculty where your uncle can help you by funding a half of your college fee, with your money savings you can continue your study in faculty do you want. you can study in Singapore or Malaysia and geet your dream as a bachelor degree about International Business

    it's suggest from Decky Chris Pramono 1109

  10. if i were you i would speak to your uncle if i want to continue school in faculty international busines, and then i will talk to your uncle that I don`t want to school if not in accordance with the courses I am interested, because if not in accordance with the courses I am afraid I do not want future intentions for the school and instead spent the money uncle, therefore I hope i can to continue their education in accordance with the direction that I want, besides i want to get my bachelor degree in singapore or malaysia but my parents can`t afford it i hope uncle would help me to smooth my study.


  11. if i were you,i would work to collect money,if i have much money and i know i can study on singapore and malaysia.If my parent not allowed me to study on singapore or malaysia,i will give them logic reason.And if you won't work,you can study on local university on your town,ok.if not in the city at least in the country.But did you not affection with your woodworking vocational school education?

    Albertus Nandya

  12. I suggest you to should persuade to go in senior high school to continue the study in singapore or malaysia and if your uncle agrre,you have to save because only assist you in half, you also have to apologize to your parents

    yohanes yudhana -1134

  13. i suggest you to continuos your study about international businesss. and you must tell to your parents if you want to continuous your study in university. you must still firm about your wish to study in international business. however., your future is made by your self., and you must still optimistic about your future. if you are not sure to get a job after graduating., don't do it. because it will be complicate you to reach your future.
    and don't forget to always pray to the God., for a fluency about your future.

    Emmanuel Joshua

  14. If I were you, I would work firft and raise money to finance college .But if you don't want to work first, it's ok but it better if you can study with your own money.It will make your parents proud and your self proud to

    Wahyu K/1132/XI A

  15. If I were you, I would work first,save your money and then you can go to college while working.So you can determine your time when to work and when to go to college. For exemple you work 5 days, monday to friday, so you can make arrangements with the college if you want go to college at Saturday and Sunday. Or you follow the evening hours at that college do you want.
    my reason:
    1. you can pay for your college by your money.
    2. you can relieve burden on your parents or family.
    3. there are also wood industry companies want to send their employess until Bachelor Degree.
    4. your time will not be spend
    5. you can choose what colloge do you want,what faculty do you want, so you can enjoy when you go to college and you can develop your cability.
    6. because work experience also very useful for you go to college. Like we learn about how it felt underpreasure, we learn about attitude and something else.

    Raymond Permata A

  16. If i were you, I would ask for help to the uncle for by funding me in college, but in accordance with the faculty that I'm interested. Because you want to continue my study to reach your dreams. But if yuor uncle does not agree, I suggest you to work first until several years. And then you can collect money form your job until you have enough money to cuntinue your study. Because form job you can get a new experience. And then you can continue your study with yuor own money. In the other hand you can have pride in yourself from the your hard work.


  17. Well, nice suggestions.
    It seems that most of of recommend him to work first then go to college. You have many reasons for it. Perhaps, he can do your suggestions.

    And one more, trusting in God and everything will be OK.

    Great Thanks for y'all...^.^