Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Need Your Help

Another letter came yesterday...Here it is:

I just graduated from a vocational high school (multimedia program) last year. I applied to some companies and I am accepted as a lay out designer in a teenager magazine. I have been working for 4 months there, but I'm getting bored. I want to quit.
Deep inside my heart, I want to continue my study at Surabaya. I want to take my bachelor degree in DKV (Desain Komunikasi Visual) program. But as you know, I need lots of money to go there. My parents don't allow me to continue my study. They said that I need to work to help them (Fyi, I am the oldest son in my family and my parents need my help to pay my younger sisters' school fees). They also don't have money to send me to college.
I'm confused now. I don't know what to do. Could you help me to decide which one is better for my future? Please give me some suggestions.
Thanks a bunch for your kindness.


  1. Write your suggestion and the reasons, at least 6 sentences.
    In the beginning of your suggestion, use (choose 1):
    1. You should ...
    2. I suggest you to ...
    3. I recommend you to ...
    4. Why don't you ... ?
    5. If I were you, I would ...

  2. Maybe you should try to register in the other university . You can register in the university that have a similar majors ( DKV ) and actually with the cheaper cost . There are still many kinds of university ( DKV ) in our country . So don't be worry about it . But before you start to enter your university, I suggest you to work first before it . So you can help your parents to pay your college fees, and if it still possible, you can help your parents to pay your younger sister's school fees . I think that's all . You can try it . Hopefully you can succesfully do my suggestion .

  3. I think you should work first. That you do so you can raise money to finance the school. With that money you can help your parents. Namely in terms of school finance your sister. then after the money is sufficient, you can go to college that you want. so you can go to college without troubling your parents. And you can be happy.

  4. i think if i were you, i would continue my work and do it better. Because as you know, your parents can't send you to college and your younger sister need to school. So you need to give chance to your sister to get her dream too. And why i said that you need to do your work better? Because if you do it better, your boss will see you and maybe you'll get a better job and a better salary. And then i suggest you to safe your money for your college yourself if you want to continue your study. You don't want to burden your parents right?

  5. I think, you should get a job for now.Because you can get some money from your job to help your parents and pay your younger sister's school fees.Now,Don't mind your study.That's useless because you don't have some money for pay your study.So, be concentrate for your job.Don't be bored for your job.If i were you, i would seek other companies to prevent me from boredom.From that you can collect and save your salary too to pay your study at surabaya on the future.But, if you still want to study at surabaya right know, why don't you work and study at the same the morning, you can study, and the night you can work.. wkwkwkwkwk....

  6. I suggest you to continue your work in a teenager magazine until you have enough money to continue your study. So you can keep pay your younger sister's fee and you can continue your study, although you must wait for it. But if it doesn't work you can choose the other option. The other option is you can choose the other companies to work. Choose the companies that can pay you a lot of money so you can faster collect money for continue study and pay your sister's fee. I'm sorry if there are some falses, I hope my suggestion will helpful for you.

  7. if i were u,i would get the money first,and help your family..because to continue in study,we get continue next time..we must help our family frist after that we can continue my study,and we must make our family happy and do not bother them..if we want to continue study we can continue leter,because it's never too late to,not a little person continue in study in old time..especially u is oldest son in your family,u must help your family and be a good example in you family..if not u look for scholarships to coninue your study

  8. if i were you , i would take another job in other company at surabaya and find some scholarship to continue my education until bachelor degree. take another job to other company at surabaya can make my bored feel decrease . find scholarship can continue your study until bachelor , me can take your college after you work . search for scholarship can make me get my bachelor degree without any cost . if i work and continue my education , i still can help my parent to pay my younger sister education and continue my education too . well , after I done my bachelor , i will get bigger pay than before.

  9. Why don't you continue your school after you help your parents pay your sister's school..? So, you can continue your school where do you want after your sister end her school. If your sister has finished school, you two can get money more for your parents. You can get reward for all your act. And your parents have received waivers. If you was work, you had savings for pay your school in DKV program

  10. If I were you, I would choose to keep working first.Bbecause in advance to help pay for my sister who are still in school until graduate school and ready to work. And once collected enough money, I will continue my school with my own money.

  11. christopher ardhian - 1123March 2, 2011 at 1:38 PM

    i suggest you to continue for your work, because you know that your parents don't have enough cost to be able to finance your younger siblings to school. i think your education is enough, because you graduated from a vocational high school so you can already to work.
    and i suggest you to work until your younger sister graduated from Senior high school.and after that you can quit from your work and you can continue for your study in DKV but i suggest you to fixed work only and you can take odd work, example may be a teacher, course taecher, etc important to make money fairly. and you can work after your study in every day. i think it is fair because you can help meet the needs of parents in the family and also you can continue for your study in DKV.

  12. should if you want to go to college without berdening your parents. You can pay for tuition with your salary. (work and college)
    as the largest child must uderstand the needs of families so as not to burden the parents.
    Is a pity if you quit your job because it is now difficult to find a job.
    I think the decision of your hands.
    * Do you want out of your job?
    * Are you going to college while working?

  13. i recommend u to work at my factory.maybe u can work and school, you can work at 3 pm to 9 my factory you can choose your desired position.if you do not want to work in my factory, I could find another job that you like.if you still feel confused you should negotiate first with your parents. and if your parents agreed to my offer I'll help as best I could.

  14. dominikus krist_IAN - 1110March 2, 2011 at 1:44 PM

    .I recommend u to find other school or factory. To upgrade u'r skill or work in factory. School or teach in there is bored and tired. Because no one girl students and every day we back to home very late. And I also feel this sense and it make me lazy to go to school every morning.
    So the conclusion is I recommend u to close from this school together. haha..

    peace miss..
    . IAN .

  15. You should to think back, it is good for you and for your parents do not, if only good for you only, better not. because the prayers of parents and parents approval must in turn down God

    first you must do is, you must consider how important it is for you. if important how you can give a perception to your parents,and if your parents ask you where you can pay your school, you also must show that you really mean it. if need you can go to school as working but the job does not bother your school. or can take the scholarship.

  16. @Ian: your comment doesn't give any suggestion for the problem above... Try to make one suggestion for that prob...
    Peace Yan..:)

  17. I think u can work while studying. I've heard there are night classes, and u can register this college, without disrupting your work as a teacher. So the salary from u'r work, u can use it to finance u'r college in DKV. And u can enjoy it. And u've got two different worlds, the world as a student and as an English teacher.
    I think so miss..