Wednesday, March 23, 2011

XI Assignment

We need 5 groups to do the assignment.
I'll divide it for you:

Group 1: Baihaqy, Dito, Joshua, Wahyu
Group 2: Fajar, Edo, Yohanes
Group 3: Hendrick, Aaron, Albert
Group 4: Raymond, Bayu, Yehova
Group 5: Decky, Bimo, Reno

Group 1: Diska Irawan, Michael Surya, Ag. Putranto
Group 2: Abed David, Dominikus Kristian, Martin Sena
Group 3: Adhitya, Bayu Helmawan, Putra Kumajaya
Group 4: Doni K P, Vinsensius, Ling Michael
Group 5: Mario M, Wirayuddha, C. Ardhian

Here are the topics:
Group 1: Shopping and Bargaining.
Group 2: Inviting, Accepting and Refusing Invitation.
Group 3: Asking and Giving Permission.
Group 4: Necessity and Obligation
Group 5: Complimenting

Your task is to find out how to express each topic.
For example, group 5, you should find how to give compliment (praise) and how to respond it.
Those are communicative topics. Thus, you need to be creative to deliver your topic in the next meeting. You can (but NOT a must) use power point in your presentations. You can also use videos, perform a mini drama or talk show; then explain and discuss about it. It'll be more interesting.

Scoring Criteria:
Content: 50 / 90 (incl. the materials mastery in delivering and answering questions)
Team work 20 / 90
Creativity 10 / 90
Preparation 10 / 90 (incl. the consultation)

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