Friday, November 4, 2011

TEKOL 2011

English Debate Competition

Here I'd like to share how we get to the 2nd place of English Debate Competition in TEKOL 2011...

It's not easy to find the right time to have practice. PIKA students finish the school at 3.30 in the evening. Everyday is a tiring day for them (and also the teachers). Wanna take the effective hours? Trust me, it's not easy. I, as the teacher, wrote permission letters, the formal ones. Did it work? Well, yes. However, some teachers didn't like that. They said that I insisted them to permit the students. Well, I didn't mean that. If they didn't want to let the students having a debate practice, it's still OK with me. (As you know though, the students will choose debate practicing ^^).
5 days to go to TEKOL 2011. 5 days to go to the competition. I asked permission (for one student) to a teacher. We were arguing. She didn't let the student to leave the lesson. (Fyi, I asked permission for a smart student. So I think it didn't matter at all.). I tried to be patient, asking whether she would switch her and my teaching schedule. She was answering me with her high tone voice (again). Hhmmm...
Well then, I tried to find another time in that day (because we couldn't pass a day without practicing). Got it. Thanks God there was Bahasa Indonesia teacher who allowed me to switch her and my teaching schedule. We had a practice then.
Since then, we practiced over the school hours. Thanks that the students were motivated, so they didn't complain (actually there were some complaints because they had many assignments). Sometimes, we went home at 6 or 7 in the evening.

One more thing, the internet was suck! It didn't work for days. We couldn't browse important information for the motions. Fortunately, two debaters have "modem". We used that. For the last day, I bought one also.

They brought my laptop and "modem" to the competition. (I hope they didn't open something secret in my laptop. *crossingfingers*)
They browsed in the evening and night (without me). I should be in the sport division and I trusted the debaters. The debaters were helped by Dian Arie Wibowo and friends (the 4th graders) and Martin Sena and friends (the senior debaters). Bunch of thanks to them.

First match: Kolese PIKA Semarang vs Kolese Mikael Solo.
Both of the are vocational schools. PIKA won with the margin: 2. So, the debaters should be ready for the next round in the next day.

Second match: Kolese PIKA vs Kolese Loyola.
Both of them are from Semarang. PIKA is a vocational school, while Loyola is a favorite senior high school. PIKA won with the margin: 1. Next round was the final.

Final match: Kolese PIKA vs Kolese John de Britto Jogjakarta.
Hhmm..since the beginning PIKA debaters were not confident. ^^ As we know, JB (John de Britto) debaters were awesome in the previous rounds.
PIKA got the second place after JB with the margin: 3. What??? 3???? Hhhmmm... The debaters should get the explanation from the adjudicators. They did. Lack of arguments and elaboration! A lesson for us.

Fyi, the third place is Kolese Loyola which defeated Kolese Gonzaga Jakarta.

It was a competition, but we are friends (quoted from the reply speaker of PIKA, Gerdi). No! We are not friends, we are best friends (quoted from reply speaker of JB, Niko).

The point is we were all have a great time in debating. We are brothers and sisters (fyi, the female debaters were only 5: 1 from Loyola and 4 from Gonzaga. Others were male.)

Hope we still keep in touch, have good "sparing" time, and be best friends.

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