Monday, March 26, 2012

Help the Education: Coin for Future


In UUD 1945 chapter 31, it is said that being well educated is the right for every citizen. However, in this globalization era, we find that there are still many illiterate street children who cannot read, write, or count. They also do not have special skill for earning money for their own daily needs. The only way to get money is begging or being street singers.
Therefore, a vision to make appropriate education for all children in Semarang comes up. There are two people who have an idea to build a learning community which will provide better and practical education for illiterate and street children in Semarang. It will help those children enhance their quality of life in the future. At last, our dream is to give shelter and better job for ignored children in Semarang. Our mission is to provide a basic education for the illiterate and street children in Semarang.
Build learning community that will provide better and practical education in Semarang
C.      TARGET
Illiterate and street children in Semarang.
Concerning that the illiterate and street children have the same right to get appropriate education, we need people who are willing to educate them.

Above is my proposal of the program. Now there are some people who are willing to help by educating them. I also asked help from IAEF (Indonesian American Education Foundation). They would like to help in providing some teaching tools and equipment.

However, to run this program we need a place which is strategic (near from where the street children live). I have already searched some buildings to rent. They ask for about 50 million rupiah for a year. Thus, I need help to collect the money to rent the building and later on to provide more facilities for the program.

I know 50 million rupiah is not small amount of money. Through this blog, I invite you to join collecting the money in form of coins (Coin for Future). If you want to know the details, you can leave your number in the comment here. I will contact you as soon as I read your comment. For note, I won't post the comment with your number in it.

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