Monday, November 26, 2012

My Extra Short Supersweet Escape

24 and 25 November 2012

Escape? Exactly. Escaped from the routines, escaped from my duty (either in Jogja, Semarang, or Bali) :p

I went to the gods Island, Bali. I bought the ticket on September (means 'bout three months before my departure). I got the tickets for only IDR 680.000 (vice versa). Awesome! :)
I couldn't wait for the day; couldn't wait to see some of my friends there (well, especially one of them :") )

Saturday morning, 5 a.m., I was ready to go to the Adi Soetjipto Airport. In the taxi, with a friend of mine from Ambon (who was fortunately having a meeting in Jogja), we had a nice short chitchat. After dropping me at the airport, he went back to the convention hotel. (very sweet, wasn't it? :") )

"It'll be a sweet escape," I thought. Well, if it is not, just make it sweet.

Waiting is a part of travelling, be patient then. I was on plane at around 6.45 WIB, and landed safely on Bali at 9.00 WITA. I lost my another one hour! >.<

A friend of mine picked me up in the airport, then had a brunch in a Chinese seafood restaurant (I think). A bowl of porridge and a teapot of jasmine tea started my day in Bali. Then we headed to... err.. I forget.. err.. Antonio Blanco Museum. Wait! He had something to do in XL center. That's totally ok, didn't take much time. ^_^
We used GPS to find the museum. Fortunately, we found it! I enjoyed the time there. Antonio Blanco was a unique artist. Love him and his masterpieces!

The next destination after having a late lunch (menu: babi guling/suckling pork) was Bali Zoo. Well, many people think that zoo is only for small kids. I have my own opinion. I love animals (however, I don't love zoo very much). GPS was really helpful, thanks to the technology :)

We took some pictures there; was totally fun.
Two guests with binturong,
an Asian bearcat
At the gate

The tour finished at 5 (if I'm not mistaken), then we went to house of my friend's sister to take a bath. After that, Renon was waiting for us. Geez! Renon! There would be a traffic jam there, OVJ (Opera van Java) was there! Hhmm, fortunately my friend was very kind, he didn't mind to drive me there. (Or did you, beib?)

Meeting an old friend* was one thing in my agenda. Tito was my friend in university. We had dinner somewhere in Renon, had a great nostalgic chitchat. Thanks for the nice time, To. Get well soon :)

*old friend = a friend who we haven't met for a long time
*old friend = a friend who is old in age

Met another friend in the same place, Keke a.k.a Dwi Marleni. Finished the dinner, headed to Kintamani. It was a gambling trip. We haven't booked any room. We just tried our luck. Arrived there around 12. Noon? No! Midnight! Fortunately we found a place to stay over night. Though in the car we said we were very sleepy, in fact we could stay awake until 3 a.m. , tell jokes and have a quite serious conversation. We woke up at eight, took a bath, had breakfast and went to (I forget the name) a place where we could cross the lake to Trunyan.

It was surprising when we arrived there, we found that the price was much more expensive than we thought.
We were only three, means we should pay about a hundred something rupiah. Okay, waited for other guests then. Finally, we met two guests who'd like to share a boat with us: Alanh from Laos and Jasmin from Korea. They are studying in Bali. (Glad to meet both of you ^.^ )

tarif menyeberang per boat (bukan per orang)

Keke, Hadi, Alanh, Jasmin, Jessica
in Kuburan Terunyan
On the boat:
Back - Jasmin and Alanh
Front - Hadi and Keke

Background: skulls of people who were buried years ago in
Kuburan Terunyan
We arrived in Kuburan Terunyan after 15 mins in boat. The story about Terunyan will be told by Dwi Marleni (Keke) in her blog. :)

Done in a creepy place, we decided to have lunch together in Resto Apung. It was super nice, especially we had Alanh and Jasmin with us. (Hi, guys, already miss you here ^.^)

After lunch, Alanh and Jasmin were going to go back to their home in Jimbaran, and three of us continued our trip. The next one was titled "Sunday Night in Beachwalk".

Okay, my escape was almost over. Went home at 11, had a chitchat (again) 'til 2 in the morning, I think. Slept (not too well, there were butterflies inside me -not inside my tummy), woke up at 4.45, eerr, that was the alarm, eerr, okay woke up at 4.50. Got ready to leave :(
Monday, five past five, we were on the way to airport; 5.55 I was ready on my seat. Sharp at six, I left Bali and am ready to go to work (again!)

Well, the escape was not sweet. It was super sweet, though extra short. I will miss every single second. :) See you soon, fellas.. (whether in Bali, or Jogja, or perhaps Laos, or Korea)


  1. aaak Terunyan pengen ke sana belum kesampean hahaha
    Nice escape, mbak! :D

    1. akhirnya setelah dengar banyak tentang Terunyan dari buku SD, aku menginjakkan kaki ke sana. Kamu kapan? :)
      Ini blog teman kita (alumna VDMS juga) tentang Terunyan -->

  2. nice escape sai, sip deh slama berbulan-bulan nunggu kejadian juga. Bagiku, sabtu kemarin itu the sweetest sleep hahahahhaaa, puas deh tp malah g ikut jalan-jalan :(
    Pas ke Prambanan kemarin, jadi inget sendratari ramayana sai. Ah, kangen mereka deh :D

    1. beli tiketnya aja udah lamaaaa banget kan ya? :) I have been to Bali many times, but this was the supersweet one. Ya iyalah, biasanya ikut tur, jadi ga menikmati. Haha..

      Ah, kangen mereka atau kangen Lakhsmana dari ujung Pulau sana? :p