Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Being Single is Boring? I Should Say, "NAY!"

"Being single is just awesome. We can enjoy our life in our own way. We can go with anyone without being afraid of jealousy. We won't be burdened by thinking of his/her feeling."

I realized this when I finished my short holiday in Salatiga and Wonosobo. I was looking at the pictures my friends and I took when these random thoughts came up:
1. I spent a day and a night in Salatiga with Awang and Ardian. They are of course males. I stayed overnight in my lecturer's home. Well, he is married, but still a he.
2. I went to Wonosobo with Ardian by motorbike.
3. In Wonosobo, I met Adzin (his first nickname) aka Vanera El-Arj (there's a wonderful meaning behind this second name). Or I call him El, who is also he.
4. I stayed overnight in the house of a woman. She is the landlady of the house where El is staying. Well, she is a woman, no matter.
5. I spent two days with Ardian, El, and El's friends (sorry don't remember all names). None of them is female!
6. My friends were so caring. They helped me to climb, held my hands in (a bit) dangerous paths, even brought my backpack.
7. I didn't need to stick on my cellphone to let my boyfriend know what I was doing because I didn't have any.
8. I really enjoyed my time without thinking about what my boyfriend feels.

See, singlehood is really enjoyable. I can't deny it won't stay forever. There will be a time I have to make a commitment with my life partner. However, I am enjoying my singlehood now and let me enjoy it. :)

I love being single (for now).

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