Monday, January 7, 2013

My Birthday Letter

Semarang, 07 January 2013

Dear The Wonderfully Awesome God,

Thank You God, for giving me a chance to have another year of life
Thank You for every single person You sent to my life
Thank You for all people who remembered me
by sending prayers and good wishes
Thank You for parents and brother who always love me
Thank You for the whole one past year:
the ups and downs, the sweet and bitter
the happy memories which reminded me to be grateful
the failures which reminded me of my need for You

I beg Your forgiveness
for the mistakes I did
for the chances I missed
for not being Your good daughter
for not spreading Your wonderful words

Help me in this upcoming year to make my life more valuable
bring happiness and pride to my parents
and honor Your name

Your (trying to be) faithful daughter

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