Monday, March 11, 2013

Midnight Chat With Bearnie

Hi, how was your day?

Hi, I was staying in this room all day long with Wally, Simon, and Lion. How was yours?

Mine was great. Busy with rehearsals and fund raising. Missing you.

Anything you wanna share?

Well, I can't get him out of my mind.

You must fall in love.

No, I don't.

Yes, you do.

I start to trust my mind. It said I just get poisoned by his charm.

You do?

Ya, and it will fade away slowly, just like a rainbow.

Love is not like a rainbow. It will stay forever even if you try to deny it.

Then I doubt it is love. It's another rainbow in my life. It will fade away sooner or later.

You think so? As your friend said, you need three months to ensure it.

Let's count. It has been almost a month since I realized. We still have two months.

Two months, huh? Okay, we will only wait. Don't try to fade it away. Let it be!

I will let it be. Go with the wind. :)

Good. And I bet it IS love.

I bet it IS a rainbow! By the way, how can you be that sure?

You keep talking about him every night, remember?

I do? Well, okay, it's a month. Let's see in the next two months. Do I still keep talking about him every night.

I bet you will do keep talking about him, not only every night but also every morning when you wake up!

I won't. Ah, I don't even care if I do.

I do care. And I care more about what he feels to you. Do you think he feels what you feel?

Why you ask me? Even I don't know what I feel.

Gonna ask him?


You both are ridiculous. Living with your own assumptions. Why don't you ask each other?

Because I don't know what I feel and I don't wanna know what he feels.

We'll see. Two months!

Two months. :) Can we just off to bed now?

Ya, let's off to bed. Good night sweetheart.

Good night, beloved Bearny. Nice to have this "debate" (again) with you.




  1. three months? that's pretty long.. Well, if it's love then it will never let you forget. :D

    1. I'm afraid it starts to fade away. Many things I wanna share with you, darl...