Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Random Why's

Seperti seorang anak kecil yang sedang belajar banyak hal dan ingin tahu akan segala sesuatu, aku sering bertanya "why?"

"Why I was born as a girl?"
"Why I studied in this elementary school, this high schools?"
"Why I went to this university?"
"Why I met you, fell in love, built a relationship, and broke up?"
"Why I failed in this subject?"
"Why I chose this, not that?"
"Why I like this song?"
"Why I make you as my friends?"
"Why I write poems?"
"Why I miss my late grandpa?"
"Why I didn't fulfil the scholarship requirements?"
"Why I left my job as a teacher?"
"Why I am in love in theatre?"
"Why I live in Indonesia?"
"Why I am still staying here?"
"Why there are differences?"
"Why I met another 'you'?"
"Why I miss you?"
"Why I like chocolates?"
"Why I didn't like wearing skirts, and now keen on dresses?"
"Why I'm in love with you though I know I shouldn't?"

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