Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Get Up and Reach the Moon!

Anyone doesn’t have dreams? Each of us does, either big or tiny. If I should make a dreams-list, I need more than one page of A4 paper to write my big and tiny dreams. My two biggest dreams are continuing my study abroad and being a teacher in remote areas, including in Papua.

What do I do to make my dream come true? Sleep and be a couch potato? Hey, dreams won’t come true by themselves. I always remind myself to get up and reach the moon.

To continue my study abroad needs a big amount of money. I don’t have money, neither my parents. The only way is get a scholarship. It has been three times I applied to a governmental institution that provides a grant to Australia; unfortunately I didn’t make it. I don’t give up. I try other institutions in different countries. Besides, I discuss with friends who have the same dream. I learn many things from them. If I don’t get the moon, at least I get the stars: experience and friends.

Many people judge my second dream as a silly dream. Someone who can get a good job with a good salary, willing to dedicate herself to a place she never knows. Someone who was not born in Papua, even doesn’t have Papuan’s blood in her body, wants to develop Papuans education. Silly? Sounds so. However, I believe one principle: everyone has the right to get appropriate education.

When I was onair on a radio in Yogyakarta, I met three young ‘musketeers’: Ida, Marco, Dini. They promoted @bukutukpapua via radio. I felt that they and I have similar dream. I tried to join. First meeting, books packing to be sent to Nabire. I had nothing in mind about @bukuntukpapua. I knew nothing about their background and vision, but I was still there. Some months later (now is the sixth month), I begin to understand @bukuntukpapua. Its passion is not collecting books but distribute the knowledge, as the founder said. When I haven’t been able to directly teach in Papua, what I can do now is helping and facilitating them with books. When I haven’t been able to give the moon, I help them to reach the stars.

Those are my two biggest dreams. You have your dreams? I bet you say ‘yes, I do’. Get up and reach your moon, then!

Read more about @bukuntukpapua here

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